Month: August 2022

I quit my job as a mechanic and can now make $25,000 a month from my side hustle just answering questions

AN ex-mechanic has revealed he made $25,000 in just one month from his side hustle of just answering questions.

Randall Gibbons, 76, signed up as an expert on the website JustAnswer in 2009 and used to reply to questions from motorists during his lunch break.

Randall Gibbons has revealed he made $25,000 in one month thanks to his side hustle of answering questions


Randall Gibbons has revealed he made $25,000 in one month thanks to his side hustle of answering questionsCredit: Randall Gibbons

Gibbons, from California, turned his side hustle into a full-time job in 2021, CNBC reports.

He is paid $20 per question and answers around 300 a week.

Gibbons made $25,000 in July 2021 and earned more than $115,000 in total last year.

And, he’s made a whopping $100,000 already this year.

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Gibbons was stunned by his earnings, saying: “If somebody had told me I was gonna make that kind of money on here, I’d say, ‘You’re nuts’.”

The retired mechanic revealed he spends

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New Wraith mechanic makes Gravity Cannons OP in Apex Legends

A new Wraith movement mechanic allows the Interdimensional Skirmisher to double the power of Gravity Cannons in Apex Legends.

Since the release of Apex Legends all the way back in 2019, Wraith has been one of the most popular characters in the Outlands.

Her ability to make outplays with the invulnerability from her Tactical and teleportation from her Ultimate make her incredibly fun to play.

She also has an extremely high skill cap, with countless movement mechanics for Wraith mains to spend hours mastering.

Well, a new one seems to have been discovered in Season 14, and it allows her to double the power of Gravity Cannons.

Wraith Apex Legends MovementWraith Apex Legends MovementRespawn Entertainment

Wraith has a 9.1% pick rate in Season 14.

Wraith trick doubles the power of Gravity Cannons

As showcased and discovered by Reddit user Falcon_Internationalthere’s a new must-learn mechanic for any Wraiths mains out there.

When approaching a Gravity Cannon,

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Kansas woman makes history as female aircraft mechanic

LAKIN, Kan. (KSNW) – “If it’s an airplane, I had to be around it,” said Kymberly Logan.

Logan, 35, knew she was destined to turn her love for flying into a career at a young age.

“Six months old, I got to take my first flight, and I guess I have just been hooked ever since,” Logan told KSN. The Kansas native grew up around planes. Her father and grandfather are pilots. While she loves soaring thousands of feet above, she also has a deep appreciation and passion for fixing aircraft.

“That’s the fun thing about being a mechanic in general aviation. Nothing is ever the same. You are constantly thrown a curveball here and there, have to do some troubleshooting, or you have to completely tear down an airplane to do a full restoration,” she explained.

Fewer than 3% of aircraft mechanics are

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