Month: October 2022

Queen Elizabeth Was an Active Member of the Military During World War II

  • Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, left a legacy of military service.
  • As a teenager, Elizabeth defied her parents to join the British military during World War II.
  • The Queen later acted as Head of the Armed Forces, and was the namesake for the Elizabeth Cross.

The death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth marks the end of an extraordinary 70-year reign. The Queen was not only served in the Armed Forces but was royal head of the British Army, Navy, and Air Force. During her long life, she fixed trucks, christened battleships, and visited the military in the garrison and in the field.

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Elizabeth II was born in 1926, third in line to the throne after her father, Prince Albert (later King George VI). She was 13 when war broke out in

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