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Aviation sector faces hiring headache as mechanics shortage looms

MONTREAL/BENGALURU, July 15 (Reuters) – Christophe Gagnon considered quitting his avionics studies as COVID-19 crippled aviation, but the 21-year-old stayed in class and now the industry is desperate for more like him to keep planes flying.

Two years after lockdowns nearly grounded the airline industry, repair shops and suppliers are scrambling for students like Gagnon, who received multiple job offers while still at the cole nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) in Canada’s aerospace hub, Quebec.

The hiring rush is evidence of a sharper than expected recovery in air travel, but also signals a looming labor shortage that is raising costs and could push up repair times as the industry stages an awkward recovery from its worst crisis. Shortages are on the minds of executives at the Farnborough Airshow near London, this year’s largest aerospace expo, which starts on July 18.

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While a shortage

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Scranton mechanic chased customer with machete, police said | Crime-Emergency

A mechanic at a South Scranton auto repair shop chased after a customer with a machete Tuesday after a fight over recent vehicle work.

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Fan Favorite MTG Mechanic Is Being Retired

With 100 unique cards required to build a deck, Commander is one of MTG’s most varied and played formats. Unlike many other formats, Commander decks often are not purpose-built to be as powerful as possible. Instead, many Commander decks can focus around a single theme, such as Adventures or Mutate. Alongside decks build around an MTG mechanic, Commander also has a deep history with Tribal decks.

Tribal decks are not often as powerful as their mechanically minded counterparts. However, they are exceptionally fun. For instance, my own Catmander Tribal deck, which is entirely based around Cat creatures, may not be good, but it is deeply enjoyable to play. This is especially true when playing against like-minded players and their own Tribal decks. Moreso than net-decked Standard lists, Tribal decks often have a personal touch that makes them shine.

Unfortunately, the strength of Tribal decks often leaves something to be desired.

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