Difference Between Synthetic Lubricants and Mineral Lubricants

Difference Between Synthetic Lubricants and Mineral Lubricants

Lubricant or known as lubricating oil is the most important part that must be present in a car or truck. Without this lubricating oil, the engine components in the vehicle will not be able to move properly as well as not be able to lubricate other components. For this reason, the existence of this lubricant is very important in the vehicle. However, you know, it turns out these lubricants consist of many types, such as synthetic lubricants and mineral lubricants.

What is the Difference Between Mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil ...

So, whether the two lubricants have differences or the same considering its function as a medium to lubricate engine components in the car. Come on, let’s find out the answer below, here we go!

1.      Synthetic lubricant.

Synthetic lubricant is one type of lubricant that is often used to lubricate vehicle engines. This lubricant is produced with very sophisticated technology so as to produce high-quality lubricating fluid. Typically, the main raw materials of synthetic lubricants such as esters, naphthene, benzene alkylation, polyester, non-PAO synthetics, and so on. For the price itself, this lubricant is quite expensive when compared to mineral lubricants, however there are several advantages possessed by this one lubricant, such as:

  • Helps clean crust or dirt found on vehicle engines.
  • Able to coat and lubricate metal components in the vehicle engine so that this way can anticipate friction.
  • Prevents carbon from settling in the vehicle engine.
  • It has a much lower rate of evaporation compared to synthetic lubricants so that when the vehicle engine is in a very hot state it is still able to work well.
  • Resistant to oxidation processes in vehicles.

2.      Mineral lubricants.

As with synthetic lubricants, mineral lubricants are often used as a liquid to lubricate car engine components. However, the difference is that the main ingredient of this lubricant comes directly from the bowels of the earth, namely alkaline and paraffin. In addition, in terms of price, this lubricant is much cheaper than synthetic lubricant, which is why it is very rare for motorists to buy this lubricant. Nevertheless, this lubricant still provides various advantages. For example:

  • Launching from the advertising center, the molecules in this lubricant are indeed uneven, but instead make the engine components become interlocked with each other.
  • The price of mineral lubricants is ½ times cheaper than synthetic lubricants.

How? Do you already know the difference above?

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