How To Take Care Of A Good Manual Car Machine (2)

How To Take Care Of A Good Manual Car Machine (2)

Based on the previous article. Not just used cars, new cars also require regular maintenance, it also applies to manual cars. But sometimes many people take care of it originally without paying attention in detail about how to care for manual car engine properly. So sometimes cause damage to the car engine. Surely this does not want to happen to your car is not it? So you are not wrong in how to care for your car engine. Here are some explanations:

6. Check the Exhaust Condition

Exhaust (drain) is an important component in the car that serves to remove the remaining gas from the vehicle. Check regular exhaust conditions on your car and make sure there is no clogging so that the flow of exhaust gas of your car will be smooth.

7. Replace the Original Car Spare Part

If there is damage to the components in your car engine. Be sure to fix it immediately in authorized workshops because your car will be repaired by a reliable mechanic there. In addition, if it requires to replace the components in your car. Be sure to buy original and quality to prevent damage to components again. Do not be tempted by goods that are sold cheap but can not be proven because the quality of the product can damage your car engine.

8. Make a Strong Gas Withdrawal Occasionally

Occasionally run your car at high speed. Cars that have long been used will have a crust on the engine. You can remove the crust on the engine of this car by spurring your car vehicle causing the crust can exit through the exhaust. But of course still make sure the conditions around where you drive safe and does not endanger your safety and others who are on the road.

9. Perform Tune Up Routine

You can tune up in the nearest authorized workshops. This can keep your machine in good shape. In the process of tune up, the condition of the vital components of your car engine will be checked thoroughly.

10. Fill the Car Gas Tank

Maybe this looks trivial because many people who did not ever fill the tank with full bens. This habit can cause the top of the tank that is never exposed to the liquid will be filled with dirt and crust so it will be very dangerous if the dirt and crust is mixed with fuel and carried into the combustion channel. Therefore occasionally fill the full tank of your car’s gasoline to keep the top of the tank clean and protected from the crust.

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