How To Take Care Of The Car Well And Truly

How To Take Care Of The Car Well And Truly{67e673dc542b4b1fcc6b631c493928db527de68aa3a5b8b81356e149618db38a}2C444Many things you should look at starting from the outside until the inside. Paint car, glass, and lights do not until you ignore the treatment for your car still look cool. In addition, note also the interior of the car to be more durable. Keep on doing regular maintenance for your car engine so your car can be long, bro.

Heat the car every day before use so that the oil can lubricate all components of your car engine. For example your car rainy then try to direct your watering your car with clean water to paint your car durable. After that lap your car with a lap that has a smooth surface to avoid beret on the body of the car.

How to care for the car automatic and manual already definitely different bro, but that distinguishes usually only on the engine only while for the outside it seems the same.

Well bro, here are some tips on how to care for a good car and true. How to do?

1. Keeping car paint

To keep your car to keep looking dashing, you need to pay attention to his paint care, bro. Be careful when driving and be careful when parking the vehicle to paint your car not beret. Also, use a special laundry soap when you wash your car Do not use careless soap. After that, use a soft cloth to dry your car to paint your car not to scratch. Do not forget, to use a car cover to avoid humid and hot sun.

2. Note the use of fuel

The use of less precise fuel will affect the performance of your car engine, bro. For that use the appropriate fuel with your car and try to always refuel in a place that is official so there is no mix of other materials that will disrupt the performance of your car engine.

3. Oil Change Periodically

Oil is one of the most important supporting components for car performance. In order for the state of your car engine is always maximal, you must regularly make oil changes. Each type of car usually has different provisions for the time of oil change. But usually the oil change is done when your car has traveled a distance of 3000 KM to 5000 KM.

Oil not only affects the engine performance alone, bro. Moreover, the oil acts as a frictional barrier between the components inside your car engine. So, it is very important for you to do the oil change periodically. Make sure you choose oil that suits your car’s engine needs. You like for example you do not understand. Then you should leave that to your trust mechanic, bro.

Note also the use of power steering oil, bro. For example oil steering power is almost gone then it can cause the steering wheel so heavy dang will complicate you when driving. One of the most obvious signs when your power steering oil starts to run out is the sound of the pump when your car is yours.

4. Check the water radiator

Many of us who like to forget to pay attention to this, water radiator serves to neutralize the heat in your car engine. So make sure to check your radiator water routinely, bro. If you water your radiator is empty, it will cause overheating on the machine so that it could cause your car to break. Not only that bro, empty water radiator can also harm the driver, so it is important to check regularly on water radiator for radiator performance as engine coolant will stay well maintained.

5. Use the transmission correctly

One way that we can do to keep the engine performance to remain optimal is to use the transmission properly. For you who are just learning to drive, then you need to improve your ability to become better and more understanding when using the transmission, be it automatic or manual transmission.

6. Check the exhaust condition

Muffler is an important component in the car that serves to remove the gas remnants of the vehicle. Routinely check the condition of your car’s exhaust and make sure there is no blockage so that your car’s gas discharges remain smooth.

7. Perform tune ups regularly

You can do tune ups at authorized workshops, bro. This can keep your car engine durable. In the process of tune up, the condition of the engine components of the car will be checked thoroughly, so if you have any components that are not feasible will be directly caught, bro.

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