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The Jaguar XJ12 (AKA Daimler Double Six) is a stupendous large British luxury automotive with an enormous clean highly effective V12 engine and acres of leather and walnut inside. It’s like a discount Bentley , with the efficiency of a brand new Porsche Boxster (if not the dealing with) and the running costs and reliability of a supercar.

Congrats on getting hub of the day! I admire your trustworthy suggestions. I’ve always been a little bit skeptical of the boxy vehicles myself. I favor the basic, boring shape of something like a Camry or Civic. We are likely to chuckle at my mother-in-law who thinks her PT Cruiser is basically cool…It’s good to know that this can be a decent automobile, though.

If you are driving or flying into Penang, it’s a good suggestion to arrive a day earlier. This helps to scale back stress and shield you against any … Read more

Like Const. Andrew Hong, Shakeel Ashraf merely just went to work

Friends say the suspected gunman, Shawn Petry, was fired by Ashraf about four months ago.

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MILTON — You just never know where something evil such as this will happen.

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Like the Tim Hortons 20 minutes to the east, this dwelling in a normally quiet small town is an unlikely homicide scene. At this small mechanics garage, they do brakes, transmissions, auto body work and oil changes. But it will now forever be known as the place where the owner was murdered and two others were shot as part of a blood-curdling day

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Introduces Major New Mechanic

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have a new mechanic that allows players to send Pokemon out to automatically battle wild Pokemon and find items in the vast Paldean landscape. Last week, The Pokemon Company revealed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would have a “Let’s Go” feature that allows players to send out one of their Pokemon to explore their surroundings. Players choose a Pokemon and specify a direction for them to explore. The Pokemon will then collect any items they find while exploring and engaging in Auto Battles against wild Pokemon. This will allow Pokemon to collect more XP while avoiding some of the grind of repetitive battling.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will also use Auto Battles during one of the new battle modes. While challenging Team Star in their bases, players can use their Pokemon to Auto Battle some of Team Star’s Pokemon, helping to reduce their numbers

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