Three Ways to Clean a Motorcycle Injector

Three Ways to Clean a Motorcycle Injector


The injection motorcycle is equip with an injector component that is responsible for turning gasoline into mist particles. The injector itself is assist by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

To keep the condition in good condition, the injector must be clean every 10,000 km interval once. The goal is to remove the residual carbon deposits.

The injector must be routinely cleaning, if not, the motor pull can falter, because the gasoline spray from the injector is block by dirt.

Then, what are the three different methods of cleaning the injector? Let’s see one by one.

Injector Tester & Cleaner

How to clean the injector using this method is a little complicate and takes time. Because the motor injector must be remove first. Furthermore, above the injector tester & cleaner machine, the injector simulates a gasoline spray according to standard pressure. If the spray discharge decreases, it means the injector is dirty and there is a blockage on the hole.

In order to see the difference, dirty injector sprays are compare to clean injector sprays. If the diameter (yield) of the injector spray is small or does not form a circle, it means the injector is dirty.

If it is found dirty, the injector can be clean immediately, by soaking it in a cleaning liquid. In order to see the results, it will be re-simulated the spraying injector in the injector tester & cleaner machine.

Mix with Fuel

How to clean the injector using this method is the easiest. Just pour the carbon cleaner liquid into the tank so that the fuel mixes. Name of the liquid Yamaha Carbon Cleaner. The contents of 75 ml can be used to mix 3.5 to 5 liters of gasoline. According to Yamaha’s recommendation, this liquid must be pour every 3,000 km. The advantages, in addition to reducing carbon deposits in the injector, can also clean the intake and combustion chamber.

Cleaner Infusion / FI method

The next method uses the FI Cleaner method. Unlike the injector tester & cleaner and Yamaha Carbon Cleaner, the infusion method cleans the injector directly. The method is inject directly using an infusion-like device.

The injector is infused with a cleaning fluid called MTR with a capacity of 50 cc. The process is not too complicate and not too simple. The trick is to remove the tank, remove the connecting fuel hose into the injector, then replace it with an infusion connect to a tube containing MTR carbon cleaner fluid.

After that the tube is press with the wind from the compressor so that the liquid enters the injector and the combustion chamber for cleaning.

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